Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Minority View

Someone said that "the 2000 bar lawyers who went to the Walk for Justice are a minority", and that "there's no erosion of the judiciary system in our country".

Someone has just slapped himself.

If 2000 lawyers are the minority voice, what about his own voice then? If 2000 concerned people should not raise one's eyebrow; by the same token, why should anyone listen to the voice of one guy who claims that there's no problem?

My brain implodes with the logic.


jasmine said...

Aye! Aye!
By the way, I really appreciate you reading my flood of posts, bothering to respond and all that.

I might not reply to all of them, but thank you so much for taking time to understand what I'm going through.

Eric Fu said...
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youngyew said...

Jasmine: No worries at all.