Sunday, October 07, 2007

Of Red Hands and Sore Feet

There's only one way of receiving hundreds of thank-yous in one morning by clapping your hand mad - be a volunteer at a marathon Event.

There's also only one way of seeing dozens of fuming drivers who complained about blocked roads while not knowing how to reply. Be a volunteer at a marathon event.

Today I was amazed and embarrassed at the same time - I saw so many people who were much older but were running much faster than myself. I estimated there to be around dozens of elderly who were running at a pace of 12 - 16 km/h, while I shuffled last time for 15km at about 8.2 km/h. Paiseh niah.

While it's a good source of inspiration, standing for five hours took its toll on me. I am so exhausted.


sophisticatedsoul said...

What did you volunteer to do actually? Clapping your hands at the finish line? LOL. I have yet to take part in any marathon. Really should get down to participating in one some day.

day-dreamer said...

Some old people really deserve our credit! They're more fit than us youngsters... LOL.

youngyew said...

Sophisticatedsoul: Haha we just volunteered to be "a volunteer", and before that I thought I would be giving out waters at the water stations. But turned out that a few of us were stationed at one of the road blocks, and were supposed to "instruct" the traffic should they wish to go in or out of the barricaded roads. Basically it's quite a trunk road, and half of the road was closed as part of the marathon trail so there are some exits which weren't accessible, and that's where we were stationed at.

The funny thing was, we weren't told at all about what to tell the drivers, apart from the fact that the road is blocked (which is stupid, since there were barriers in place anyway). We were also instructed to tell drivers that there's a road ahead called "Park Street" which could be used as a detour; but we didn't even know where that street is.

So we stood there, and "instructed" some occasional cars which stopped by and inquired about traffic, and to all inquiries we replied with the standard "Park St" answer. When there were no cars passing by, we clapped our hands while thousands of runners ran by, and some runners returned their appreciation.

By the way, in the end, we found out that the Park St was blocked as well. So you could imagine how pissed the drivers would have been when they finally reach Park St after all the congestion. I felt so sorry for them.

day-dreamer: Definitely! :)