Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Ran for the Kids!

Yoohooo, I ran 15.2 km for the kids!!

I clocked 1 hour 51 minutes, and that was 8.2 km/h. :) A good first time for a lazy bum like me, considering that the time included a toilet break and a visit to the first aid station, hah!

Time to go back to study for tomorrow's test (yes, for medicine :P). And too much Boon Phiaw and Ee Syn finished in 1 hour 22 minutes. I need to be fitter. More details when I finish my test.


crushedguava said...

if the other post was an april fool's joke, and this is also posted on the same date, logic follows that this MUST also be an april fool's joke.

thus, can I take it that you DIDN'T run 1.2km, or you DIDN'T run 'for the kids', or that your time is actually 1:22 and not 1:51, or maybe you DON'T even have a test tomorrow, or maybe there WON'T be more details when you finish your test?

kimberly said...

i dunno wat jian wey is rambling about =P but running for the kids must be much more interesting than studying medicine at home..=) haha..chang yang running..a bit hard to imagine.. =P..but good work nonetheless..

day-dreamer said...


I don't really like running. :D

crushedguava said...

you have to read his other post before saying that you don't know that i'm rambling about.

hsiu yinn said...

i already felt like my muscles were aching after reading that...hahha.. but wow good job!! xuan ni too =D

youngyew said...

crushedguava: Haha yeah I am lying. :P

Kimberly: Hey welcome to my blog! Haha I've never seen you here, hope that you enjoy my posts. :P

Day-dreamer: Haha I could understand that. :)

Hsiu Yinn: Haha wahh, your imagination very holiao worrr... Thanks for your message!