Monday, April 02, 2007

How I Ran for the Kids (1)

I woke up at 6.10am that day.

I almost wanted to give up the race, since I had only four-hour sleep the night before. And I was down with flu, with my nose oozing mucous like a jelly-tap. So when I woke up with headache all over and some mucous remaining in my nose, I thought it's almost a suicidal mission to run.

But I went anyway.

Eight of us met up nearby our house and waited for a tram to the race's starting point. The trams were supposed to be running normally for that route... but to our pissed-ness, they were no where to be seen. So we decided to do some warm-up. We walked freaking 3km to the site. I think the tram company must had been playing an April Fools' prank, a big one at that. I was going to run for 15km, and they decide to make us walk an extra 3km.

Actually we weren't that angry as I might sound here. :) We kind of brushed off the tram's absence and walked cheerfully all the way. It's a great weather with the morning drizzles easing in time for the run, so it produced all cheers and lame jokes on our journey. In case you are wondering, yeah, lame jokes are the manifest of our distorted sense of humour, heavily influenced by Thow Kong and Wee Loon. We actually enjoyed jokes like "有一个冷血杀手,他的心是冷的,他的剑也是冷的…………结果他冷死了!“ thanks to them.

Haha I digressed. :)

[To be continued...]
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