Tuesday, April 17, 2007


There are over 200 million guns in US (which is almost as many as its population), and two of them killed 32 people in Virginia yesterday. In our first lecture today, we had a moment of silence for those who lost their lives.

It's a scary world. Yes there are more people who die from war, and even more people who die from diseases everyday; but when lives are lost en masse in such a setting, a place we normally we think of as a sanctuary, life seems so brittle, and horror grips us so tightly.

Each shot is a soul gone.

May the family and friends of the deceased brave through the suffering.


Neptune Chye said...

Yea, U r right. Life is very fragile. U can take it away anytime, regardless of methods used. But sometimes life is in itself powerful. Only by living, U can do many things to change ur destiny, others' destiny and probably the world in the future. But once U die, U are subjected to uncertainties. A lot of them. So live life to the full as iTs the life that fuels us power. Once it is lost, everything ceases to nothing.

koln_auhc said...

Might I suggest a movie for you?

Lord of war, starring Nicholas Cage.

The introduction of the movie says it all.

To save the trouble: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2T6RYVyH3Jg

crushedguava said...

i'm wondering why that guy who took the video took it before the shootings started.

and what was he filming? 3 guys in the centre calmly strolling around while there were gunshots?

sophisticatedsoul said...

Somehow, I know you would blog about this. I was reading the plays written by the gunman when I decided to check out Google Reader for any updates in your blog. And true enough, you blogged about it. Hah...

youngyew said...

Neptune: Agreed.

Koln: Will watch it when I am free. :)

Crushedguava: Those three guys were the SWAT teams. And I think there were more shootings before the start of this video...

Sophisticatedsoul: Haha great intuition wor... :P

jasmine said...

i am a late commenter, once again. :)
i read in the papers that gun shops outnumber Mc Donalds franchises in the USA 10:1.

But I suppose the availability of guns isn't exactly the issue, although it definitely plays a part.

ps: hope your teeth are alright, and your fever is gone

youngyew said...

jasmine: Are you serious? If there are so many gunshops, how come they are never obvious on the street? Or are they hidden behind benign shop names eh?

And yeah, my teeth are alright now, and hopefully will be alright for good. :D