Friday, January 25, 2008

Alma Mater

I went back to Keat Hwa yesterday.

The path from the trunk road to the classrooms is now fully sheltered.

Right next to the path is a housing area under construction. What an eyesore.

The congestion that used to plague the school is now alleviated by improving the traffic flow. Cars are not allowed in the school compound now, instead, they have to drop off and pick up outside the main gate. On the left of this pic is that same path in the first picture, at the far end is the famous arch of Keat Hwa. By the way when I took this pic a guard came to me asking me whether I am a photographer from newspaper. Hah, my school, forever afraid of negative publicity.

There is now a roundabout. To make room for the roads, St. John garden had to be demolished.

To curb the flood problem that has deteriorated over the years (no thanks to the new housing area abutting on the school), what used to be the Interact garden is now excavated and turned into a giant pond to serve as the "SMART Tunnel" of Keat Hwa. The rain water is supposed to accumulate in the pond and the water is then pumped out.

Jasmine: The pond is named 大禹塘 (Da Yu Pond), after 大禹 who were famous for solving the flooding problem in the ancient Chinese history.

Another new (?) feature is the "reinforced" parking lot for the VIP of the school. :D

Among the people I met was Jasmine who was working on her last day as a temporary teacher. I also met many beloved teachers, and had some interesting small chats with them. When I asked them "How are you?", the most common response I got was, "十年如一日" (Things are the same year after year) Indeed. The same thing applies to their replies too. :D

The battery ran out just when I was about to take more pictures. But I felt contented with my little visit, and I will certainly go back again when there's a chance.

By the way you can read more about Keat Hwa's recent drastic change in one of Tian Poh's blog posts.


Jyue said...

Keat Hwa....I just cannot believe it is Keat Hwa. It changed a lot. hmm, why my bro never told me abt the changes?

SilverIsle said...

Ah! I wanted to blog about this long ago since I came back but I am just too lazy to go back to school and snap these pictures. Haha. Now that you've done it, I guess, I will get even lazier. =P

day-dreamer said...

Wah, I can barely recognize this place anymore!

youngyew said...

jyue: Probably because if you are in Keat Hwa yourself, you wouldn't be too concerned with the changes? I am not sure.

Silverisle: Haha you can just say "Hey Keat Hwa has changed, for more information just refer to Chang Yang and Tian Poh's blogs" :D

Day-dreamer: Hey you haven't been to Keat Hwa for ages right?

Max Lee said...

God, I miss this place so much. Will have to visit the school next time when I get back.

changyang1230 said...

Yeah, and you should go as early as possible while the teachers you know are still there. :) Even in the past few years, every few years I feel that there are less and less people I know, and at some stage I guess I might as well not go since everyone is going to stare at me like I'm one of the students' parents. :P

Max Lee said...

"I'm one of the students' parents", you are thinking too far ahead man. I should go there next time when I come back. too busy with work now,

changyang1230 said...

Haha my aging seems to have accelerated over the years, that's how. :P Where are you working at the moment?