Monday, January 14, 2008

The Other Side Revealed!

Two years ago, I wrote this post on the joyous day of my homecoming. Not many people realised what it meant.

The answer is: they are the antipodes of my travel origin and destination.

In other words, if I digg a hole straight down from Melbourne and go through the whole Earth's interior, I will come out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. If If I digg a hole from Malaysia, it will come out some where in Ecuador, South America!

Try to find out where your favourite location's antipode is: Link. If you stay in US, don't bother: you are going to drink salt water in Indian Ocean. The next time your kid ask you "what's at the other end of the Earth", don't tell them it's China.

Note: This is part of my effort to clear up my "unfinished posts".


KP Chen said...

So cool!

wei liang said... really dig out your OLD post and finish it. Haha. I can barely remember what I'd written months ago.

sophisticatedsoul said...

omg. that is like so long ago. lol.

youngyew said...

KP: Indeed. :)

wei liang: Haha no lerr, I happen to have "unfinished" tag on all my unfinished "series", so I just went and dig it out loh. If you want you can go have a look under the "unfinished" label.

sophisticatedsoul: Haha but it feels not too long ago for me. I can still remember showing this to Winson in his house. :D