Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Going Home

After 343 days in Melbourne, I am leaving for home tomorrow and will spend 27 days there. I am not going to write a reflection about the last year, at this moment I am just thinking of... how I should carry the cherries and mangoes.

Bye 41-degree Melbourne and hi 33-degree Malaysia! :)


景耀 said...

Horray! I am going home too! We definitely have to meet up! Will be in Malaysia from the 2nd - 16th. Shall we start planning 5A2 gathering? I am so excited about it!

day-dreamer said...

Woo... you're coming back! Haha, enjoy your holiday back home. ;)

Do call me out to yum cha if ever you're nearby PJ. Hehe. :P

StanleyYP said...

eh bro,

safe journey back.
and enjoy Singapore!


youngyew said...

景耀: Yeah it would be great to have a 5A2 gathering. :)

day-dreamer: Haha you free or not? :D Anyway by yumcha do you mean mamak or dimsum? In Australia, their yum cha actually refers to dimsum for some reasons.

Stanley: Eew bro, you always write comment only after I have reached my destination. :D