Monday, January 28, 2008

I Love the Weather

Eric will protest vehemently what I am going to say: I am in love with the weather in Malaysia.

For the same 32 degree Celsius, the Sun above Malaysia somehow showers a different kind of warmth compared to the sun on the Australian sky. In Australia the radiation literally pierces your skin (partly contributing to the high skin cancer incidence there), but in Malaysia the Sun is more comfortable despite the same temperature. I haven't even compared it with the 41-degree days where it feels like a stove when the sun has set.

I am starting to understand why people come to Malaysia for the beach.


day-dreamer said...


I can literally feel the heat piercing through my skin when I walk from the bus stand to my house in the afternoon sun.

And you said you're enjoy it? Gee... :P

Eric Fu said...

It seems that you have voiced out my "vehement protest" on behalf of me...

Well, in another way, we are both enjoying our weather. You are happy with the 32 degrees Celsius weather in Malaysia and I am savoring every moment of the ideal (winter) temperature of -10 degrees Celsius here in the United States.

So, good for us!

Casper said...

It's also getting warmer over here in Germany as well... more than 15° If feels more like a spring rather than winter -.- Global warming is taking it's toll...


youngyew said...

day-dreamer: Haha I guess it's just relative ler. Malaysian weather can be harsh, but it's still comparably softer to Melbourne's summer.

Eric: It's not too enjoyable when it gets to -20 eh.

Casper: Ahh Germany is the warmer place. Many places like China and US are facing cold weather now.