Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back in Melbourne...

I am back in Melbourne. Everything seems to be the same except that the house is so much livelier, with the addition of four new housemates - Thow Kong, Boon Phiaw, Kee Hong and Boon Hon! :)

I foresee the house to be abuzz with talks and actions in the coming year.


RJ said...

Just being curious - so there are 6 of you in total staying in the same house (I am assuming that you and Yong Chin are staying together)? Did you all move to a bigger house or what? :D
Sometimes it's really fun to have a bunch of good friends staying together and the chatting session will last forever. :)

changyang1230 said...

Correct correct correct. There are six of us in the house now. :D

We are still living in the same place, but my landlord is moving to his other house so now we are renting the whole house instead of just renting the rooms.