Monday, February 25, 2008

Pei Yun - My Niece

Flickr - Pei Yun Portraits

It's quite challenging to take pictures of my niece running about and not stopping at any second. While it seems that she posed for all the pictures, she didn't. It's all spontaneous.

For the technically inclined, among others, there are a few things that make indoor kid shots possible:

1. AI-Servo mode, which is just the fancy name of "continuous focus". It's one of the good things about DSLR - this mode makes the camera focus all the time on the moving object, and thus ensures an in-focus and sharp picture.

2. The relatively faster autofocus. It's "relatively faster" because my current lens isn't the best performer in terms of focus speed. But it's still leaps and bounds faster than a compact camera. With my niece running about, it still manages to get the focus right 70 to 80 percent of the time.

3. External flash. It's a must-get for indoor shots, especially those that involve moving subjects like kids. If you don't have an external flash, either rely on built-in flash (with unsatisfactory result), or forget about taking photos of kids at play.

Comments and criticism are welcome. :)


crushedguava said...

A very interesting piece of character study.

changyang1230 said...

Haha character study?! Where got so serious.

day-dreamer said...

Comments? Your niece is cute! Haha. :D

SilverIsle said...

Eh. You guna apa lens for these shots yea? And you have a flashgun too? Envy-nyer. I WANT TO WORK! Haha.

changyang1230 said...

day-dreamer: Haha yeah she is! She's 4 this year. :)

silverisle: The indoor ones are Tamron 17-50mm, the outdoor ones are Canon 50mm f/1.8 II. The difference is obvious horr. That 50mm = the most worthwhile lens for portrait. It's not too practical for indoor though, not easy to compose with limited field of view.

changyang1230 said...

Oh ya I do have a flash gun. Listened to one of my fotoholics friends' advice for that, and it proved to be very worthwhile. Very very important for indoor photography. In fact I wouldn't work without it for indoor, all the non-flash results are quite disappointing. (I don't quite like the high-ISO pictures, too noisy.)