Monday, February 11, 2008

A Question

As I explore photography in the future, I think I will be posting some "photo stories" consisting of my favourite photos. Just a question for the readers:

Which of the following would you prefer?

  1. Keep all the photo stories in My Little Moments.
  2. Keep the personal photo stories (e.g. the prayer post) in My Little Moments, but post the non-personal ones in a new blog.
  3. Put all the photos in a new blog, something like
  4. Other suggestions... ?
Would love to hear your feedback in the comments. :)


day-dreamer said...



sophisticatedsoul said...

I'm going for number 2. If that turns out to be the majority's choice, you will have yet another blog to manage. Hahah..

wei liang said...

I vote for no.1. Actually, no. 3 also can. My suggestion is that all the photo stories in a blog. Easier to read all ma.

haucher said...

you haf a personal blog? anyway, if u plan to post pics on a daily basis then blog like if a good start. check out as well. but if its too troublesome, posting here or flickr is good. I am sure ur pics will be great. have fun.


crushedguava said...

i think putting leaving everything in this blog would be a better choice. readers tend to go towards the main site and then not bother clicking on any other links. at least, that's what i do.

Eric Fu said...

I shall vote for option 3.

Ai Ling said...

if u put all ur pics in a new blog, means that blog will consist of entirely pics, which means that i may not log into it so often to save my very-limited-internet-bytes, which means...ahh..u get what i mean! :P

prefer all in one blog. :)

lasilasi said...

vote for all in one blog... more likely to get new post everytime i come and i love entries with pictures!

SilverIsle said...

I vote for 1. =)

changyang1230 said...

Thanks for your feedback! It seems that most people prefer option 1. Between 2 and 3, I actually prefer 2 because it will be weird if some of my personal stuff goes to a separate blog.

Keep the comments coming. I am still considering between 1 and 2.