Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Person Small Ghost Big

I can't believe that I missed this advertisement by Petronas for the 50th Merdeka! They are so cute! Does anyone know whether they are together in real life?

Note: Person Small Ghost Big is a literal translation of the Chinese idiom 人小鬼大, which means a kid trying to behave like a grown-up.


Lim Jie Ni said...

You were once like that ? 人小鬼大 ?haha! Em, do they together? hard to say, I hope so :P

sophisticatedsoul said...

I only know about it when invited to join a THM-related group in Facebook. I wonder if you found out about it that way too. :P

By the way, I like the newest CNY ad from Petronas, the one urging us to go back for reunion dinner if possible. The kid is simply cute!! Somehow, I find he looks like a smaller version of Jay Chou.

Anonymous said...

somehow i am irritated by these kind of commercials which "supposedly" another kind of "propaganda" about racial harmony... it does not work that way... i am suprised you all find this kind of ads "cute" i find it disgusting though...

changyang1230 said...

Jie Ni: Haha where got la. I very obedient one. :D

SS: Yup, the facebook group. I haven't watched those latest CNY ads though, will find them some time.

anonymous: I guess it depends on how you view those things. Yes we all know that racial harmony is still by and large a form-5-karangan ideal instead of reality. However, I doubt that this advertisement is geared to give the false impression of racial harmony (who in the right mind would seriously think everything is right in the country); or to spread propaganda to brainwash us into united zombies (who in the right mind would be brainwashed by one-minute advertisements).

I watch those advertisements just for its entertainment value, and I find the innocence of the kids interesting. Yes it probably is staged, but still, the kids ARE cute. And hence "they are so cute" comment. And no, this ad has not nudged my perception about interracial relationship a single inch.

I regret that you find it disgusting due to the "propaganda" you see behind it. I know advertisements like these are not the most accurate portrayal of the country, but I just see cute kids as cute kids.

Or we should just agree to disagree here.

景耀 said...

Weird. It's just another piece of propaganda like SEPET. Dont get me wrong, SEPET is a good film but it is just the racial theme that bothers me a lot, just like this one.

changyang1230 said...

Haven't watched SEPET so not too sure whether it's the same thing.

I guess different people react differently to the same thing. :)