Monday, May 14, 2007

Automatic Translation

Have you got a family member who is not good at English? Does your grandma read only Chinese, and is interested in reading the Angmoh websites that you frequent everyday? Ever wonder how you could help them enjoy the depth of information in the Internet?

Here you are, the ultimate "automatic translation" buttons!

Use Google Translate: English to Simplified Chinese
Use Babelfish: English to Simplified Chinese

To use them, just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Right click on either of the link above.
  2. Choose "bookmark this link" (this is for Firefox, there should be an equivalent option for IE and Opera)
  3. Choose a place to keep your button, and you are done!
  4. Next time when you come across a website written in English, and wish to translate it to Chinese language, just click on that bookmark, and you will get the translation automagically!

To do it faster, you can simply drag the whole link to your bookmark toolbar (the toolbar below your address).

Let's set up this "magic button" in your house PC, as a gift to your english-not-so-literate family members! :) Beware that the results are not perfect, but hey, even when it's not accurate, it could be quite hilarious. Give it a try!

p/s: If you do not intend to keep it in your bookmark, you can simply click on those links right now to see how it works.


day-dreamer said...

Hey, that's such a cool tip! Thanks for sharing... :)

Casper said...

you are teaching people who can't read how to translate everything to english in english?

king ung said...

last time i try to convert it from chinese to english... the translation is super funny.

english to chinese is much more ok.

but as your say, give it a try and reread what you had post in another language. sometime this make you wonder, is your language so bad or the translater tool is trying to crack humour.

youngyew said...

day-dreamer: My pleasure! :)

casper: People who can't read English wouldn't read my blog in the first place. This is a tip for English literate computer users to help their family members or friends who aren't as well-versed in the language. :D

king ung: Yeah they still need a lot of work to do on the translation, and sometimes the translation doesn't make any sense at all.