Monday, May 21, 2007

Resource - Doctors and Medical Students

I often come across emails and chat messages which ask me things like: "Hey, please tell me about the medical course", "Can you tell me is it stressful to study medicine?" or "Is it good to study medicine in Melbourne?". Throughout the years, I always try to ascertain those questions to the best of my ability; however, sometimes it's just hard to do so, especially when I am busy or when things get excessively repetitive.

In the process of reading questions and writing responses, sometimes the irony strikes me - some people write to my email, saying that "Hey I found your email address through your blog, and I would like to ask you about the medical course."

The irony is that, I am expected to write about my life in brief in a single email, when they could have gotten all the info right away where they came from - my blog, the best place they could learn all about my life, the place where I pen down all my cheers and tears in the most minute detail and the most genuine expression. No amount of summary in an email is going to give them more details than what I have written in my blog throughout the years. Glimpsing through my previous posts, I have shared quite a fair amount of my life experience. Among others are my first encounter with dead bodies in anatomy class, our funny practical classes involving urine, some complaints about some dreadful aspects of my course, how I got deeply touched by some stories and so on. Nerdy as it seems, I even did some "post-exam reviews" after the previous two semester exams. Who knows, some people might find them useful.

Apart from my blog, there are countless blogs out there, written by real doctors and real medical students. Each of those blogs is a diary, where these people's personal lives are well chronicled in the cyberspace, waiting for you to discover. Instead of reading general e-mail responses like "doctors are generally busy and exhausted"; by reading real-life stories, you are able to understand why they are busy, why doctors enjoy or dislike their jobs, and by that you could decide whether or not you should choose this career.

Some people might find it hard to find medicine-related resources, so I decided that I would write this post as a sort of "portal" to people who would like to find more information about medicine, life as a medical student, or in particular, life as a medical student in Melbourne.

In my blog:

Some of my coursemates:

Medical students in other universities:


Just a few words to wrap up this post: while this list is compiled for the convenience of people who want to read more about the life of people involved in the healthcare system, I would like to advise everyone to avoid e-mailing those people before you read their posts. If you really can't find what you are looking for in their posts, please write to them politely, and do include specific questions instead of vague open questions like "Tell me about your life as a medical student in Adelaide University". This kind of question is too hard to answer. And the bottom line of asking for help is, while it's reasonable to expect courtesy from people whom you write to, it's not their obligation to answer all your inquiries especially if you are not polite or sincere in the first place.

p/s: If your blog is listed here and you would like me to remove it for any reason , please write to me and I will delete the link immediately. I respect your privacy.


Ka Lip said...

Haha, I hardly ever write that much about life as a medical student.. And if anyone visits Omega's blog right now..they might get a very very wrong impression of what medical students are like... *no offence*

Haha, I think most of the people that email you are people that are unsure whether or not they or up to the challenge..if I were you I'd probably reply something along the lines of: It's so hard!! And so stressful!! Whatever you do, don't choose this course!! Just work at *insert name of fast food restaurant here*!!

day-dreamer said...

Oops, were I once that annoying? Haha.

Yeah, I get how you feel. Kinda fedup sometimes. Especially when people ask me how's the course I'm going to take when as a matter of fact I haven't even started it yet; I'm just a Foundation student! :D

sophisticatedsoul said...

OMG! Never expected to see my blog being promoted this way. LOL.

youngyew said...

ka lip: Haha should I regret not having heard from you when I first considered medicine? :P

day-dreamer: Nah I am not talking about you. :D Those people who ask you about your future course are funny lar...

sophisticatedsoul: Haha wanna thank me for promoting your blog? :D