Saturday, May 19, 2007

What is Wrong with ReCom?

As you guys might know, I am one of the so-called "moderators" of ReCom, the Worldwide Malaysian Student Network. Recently ReCom has been facing many troubles with the connections, and many people have been making many inquiries about the condition of ReCom.

Currently ReCom looks like this:

There seems to be a problem with the MySQL server, sorry for the inconvenience.

We should be back shortly.

There has been a messy technical problem which can't be sorted out at the moment. We are facing a great deal of problem now, and after one week of intense troubleshooting by a few dedicated site-developers, everything is at a dead-end - they have already done their best, yet they can't find out what the hell is wrong with the site that caused the problem.

For a detailed explanation of the nature of ReCom's problem, please visit Jiin Joo's post here. If anyone is able to help out with the coding, please let us know. We need as much help as possible now.


day-dreamer said...

ReCom always like that...

Hmm... time to make a server change? :D

Casper said...

too bad i don't know anything about SQL or php programming yet. i doubt i will ever learn those languages at school :P

Anonymous said...

iQing :

hey long time no see !

Did you notice something happened before such problem occur?

yes !

not long before ReCom banned someone for no true reason, you think ReCom can escape Karma?

You might not believe in karma but you cannot escape what you have done.

ReCom, enjoy the outcome of your own action.

anyways, have fun.
too bad you cant join the alternative recomers forum, who to blame but your own self? LOL

Anonymous said...

iQing :

anyways, internship Asia forum is dead.

Talked to weich about it...

it is quite disappointing that ReCom is using Internship Asia for its own agenda.

ReCom will not escape from its sin easily. Watch out !

youngyew said...

You are funny, iQing. Apparently you haven't visited the "alternative ReCom for a long time. Don't you know the last post is in 2006?

By the way, nice to see you here. How are you? Just to let you know that don't harp on the past, it wouldn't do you any good.

Anonymous said...

iQing :

u should say that to the Recom mods,
they have been hating iQing ffor a long time :)
do what you preach.

your tongue is still sharp as usual :)