Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ctrl - Z

Have you ever typed a long post in your blog, but by some freakish accident you deleted the whole paragraph or the post?

Fret not. Ctrl-Z to the rescue - just press Ctrl - Z and everything will come back, assuming that you haven't closed the whole browser. Ctrl - Z will also work in your address bar - for example, let's say you typed a long URL but for some reasons you deleted the whole line, you can get back what you typed by simply undo-ing by Ctrl - Z.

It's a gem that could save so many hairs but remain unbeknownst to many. Hope everyone makes the full use of it. :)

p/s: You could try Ctrl - Y as well. It's quite hard to explain what it does, but basically it goes hand in hand with Ctrl - Z.


koln_auhc said...

but it doesn't work when your comp shuts down for some random reason...

Ok, maybe if you have the addon in firefox..

So there you go..


youngyew said...

Yeah this one only works if your browser is still open.

If you want to salvage your post even if your computer crashes for no reason, there is this thing called Textarea Backup script here:


However, this script has got some little problems so you might want to read more about it (in the comments) to decide whether the benefit outweighs the problems.

If it isn't good for you, then the last resorts are:
1. If you are typing a super-long post, press "save as draft" often.

2. Or, type everything in microsoft word before exporting it to your blog. :)

day-dreamer said...

I agree!! This is a handy little keyboard shortcut, works for most typing areas if not mistaken.

In Microsoft Word, Ctrl+Z means "undo".

youngyew said...


Anyway another trick is this. Let's say you want to duplicate your current tab... Or in other words, you want to open a new tab with the same page that you are currently viewing. The shortcut is:

1. Ctrl - T to open a new tab.
2. Ctrl - Z to get the current page's URL instantly.
3. Enter!


king ung said...

such great tip ! really useful!

crushedguava said...

i know its a great tip, but, i thought most people would know this already?

jasmine said...

well,crushedguava, i didn't know. =)

KP Chen said...

It's cool to learn shortcuts. Just look at the Menus and you can learn lots. Ctrl-W closes the tab while Ctrl-Shift-W closes the window. WindowsButton-D to show the desktop. Hehe. I'm using it often as I surf while working =)

Ctrl-Z is Undo.
Ctrl-Y is Redo.

I think most users know that Ctrl-C is Copy, Ctrl-X is Cut and Ctrl-V is Paste.

Just spamming at work =)

day-dreamer said...

Hey, the duplicating-current-tab is a cool tip, that I didn't know. Thanks for sharing!

KP Chen is right. Just look at the menus and slowly one can pick up lots of handy little trick. ;)

WindowsButton+L means lock your computer. :D

Casper said...

i prefer notepad to take notes rather than MS Word... it's faster and cleaner...

youngyew said...

King ung, jasmine: Great to see you like it. :)

crushedguava: Yeah many people know, but not many people know that it also works when they accidentally erase the whole line at a browser's address bar.

kpchen: Thanks for the additional information!

casper: Haha yeah... But nowadays I use Gmail to take my own notes, because it has auto-save and I can access it everywhere I go! :)