Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How Do You Stop an Addiction?

I have an addiction.

I need to stop homing in computers wherever I go, library, my house, Xuan Ni's house, computer lab, tutorial rooms.

I need to stop frequenting websites which has nothing to do with my studies. I check my Google Reader (An RSS reader) wherever I go so that I can see whether there are updates from my friends blogs, Digg (an "interesting news" website), Lifehacker (tech-related tips and tricks), Good Maths Bad Maths (to keep me mathematically literate), Pharyngula (biological stuff) and so on.

I learn stuff like how the Church of Scientology creepily prey on BBC reporters and look stupid in front of cameras, how a mirror would look like when you scan it with a scanner (it's surprising), how Carlton (the place I live in) used to have a train station, and how some states in US are against the law that makes HPV vaccine mandatory for young girls. Oh well, the last one might be slightly related to me, but then it's not going to be in the exams.

At the same time, I am not doing that much of work on this week's topic, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and also leukemia and lymphoma in general. Every night I tell myself "I'm going to start studying at 9", but I end up doing all sorts of stuff online and study for only half an hour before going to bed.

I visit ReCom to read and "patrol" the discussions because I am one of the moderators of the forum. When I got tired of the immature comments, I spend hours typing retorts and warning members when they go overboard. After three years of involvement there, to date my post count is 1836.

All that, and my exams are three weeks away. I should at least cut down Digg and ReCom in my daily addiction fix. They are killing my time, and probably my score too. Wish me good luck.

p/s: By the way, all the stuff I linked to above are strongly recommended websites and articles. If you think that the Internet is a boring place, have a look at those websites and you might have a second thought. :)


Ka Lip said...

Haha, I suppose blogging itself doesn't exactly help either

day-dreamer said...

Wow, you have computers in your tutorial rooms too? So nice!

Erm... to learn other non-academic stuff is really good. And when you can still maintain your good grades it's even better!

I don't really think you call that an "addiction" but just the daily routine which you have so got used to.

All the best in preparing for your exams!

sophisticatedsoul said...

Hmm..then I think I'm an addict too. Just that I don't visit too informative sites. Your addiction is still ok because you are learning something while wasting time.

Think you should take pride in having the desire to learn and know more. :P

Since you asked to wish you good luck, here you go. GOOD LUCK!

You-Know-Who said...

haha.. the only comment i can agree with is ka lip's, because it TOTALLY is an addiction.. Let's not forget the computer is the first thing u turn on when you open your eyes every morning, and the last thing you check before leaving your room.. Am I right? And I cant really remember any occasion at all where my computer has been left totally alone, no matter when it is, what time, how near exams etc...

Haha enough nagging, I guess.. it's not as if anything is gonna change you.. :S:P Right?

ShouFarn said...

I am knee deep in your problem haha. Every example you gave i already went there before the post. I blame you for getting me into digg :p

youngyew said...

Ka lip: Wah you don't have to rub it in worr... :P

day-dreamer: Yeah there are computers throughout the university.

sophisticatedsoul: Haha you are so kind to me.. The bad thing about my addiction is that I am learning nothing related to my studies.

you-know-who: Blek blek blek! :P

shoufarn: Haha I won't apologize for introducing you to digg. In fact I am still looking for the person who got me into ReCom. :P