Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Microsoft Surface

I really don't want to turn my blog into a tech blog, but one can't help but to share something as amazing as this...

Introduce to you, Microsoft Surface!


day-dreamer said...

Oh my god!! This isn't something like Google's April Fool joke, right?

Pretty impressive!! Bet it costs a bomb too.


Ka Lip said...

i want an early birthday present :(

sophisticatedsoul said...

I think I've seen this before in the movie - The Island. Was so impressed and wishing for it to be real at that time. Can't believe it has been materialized for real. (Like day-dreamer, hoping this isn't a hoax.)

Now I'm seriously hoping that humans can have even longer lifespan because cool things are so constantly being invented and we have so much to see! Can't have enough of that.

ShouFarn said...

i wonder how long it will take for this to trickle down to the consumer level. Right now it is only aimed at big businesses.

Anyhoo, its interesting to see what direction the computer tech wars are now going into. Apple has their own touchscreen tech in the phone, microsoft is gonna start shipping this table (10k USD!!) by the end of this year. Another entrepreneur, Jefferson Han, also has something like this, but his is still in prototype stage. But from the demos it seems to work pretty well.

I'll bet things will look interesting for the next 5 years.

youngyew said...

Yeah it's pretty impressive eh. And it's definitely not a hoax

Anyway I guess touchscreen is going to be our future, to the extent that people in the future will look at tangible buttons the way we look at old radios today.