Thursday, April 28, 2005

First Stitch in My Life

I performed the first stitching in my life... on a dead body! I looked at my watch, and what a historical moment, at 5.12 pm on 28th April 2005, I stitched the first "wound" of my career.

Yes yes, today we have our practical in the anatomy dissection room again. Same smell, same demonstrators, same group members, same cadavers, but different emotion. Obviously after the first experience, everyone is not nervous anymore. Today we got to really do something on the cadavers, and everyone just couldn't wait to try their hands on the medical procedures. Cannulation (insertion of the tube into a cavity like veins for intravenous dripping etc), incision (cutting up the layers) and stitching, all in the same day.

Just a brief report here. Gotta have pizza as dinner now!


day-dreamer said...

yer.... so geli....

u like it?

youngyew said...

Hmm. Do I really like all those procedures? I haven't really given a deep thought about it.

For sure I am very passionate about my studies now. But then again, life as a medical student and life as a doctor is entirely different; how can I know what life is going to unveil itself?