Friday, April 01, 2005

I Love Firefox Extension

I know this post comes in at a wrong time. I know that I should have posted pictures of Great Ocean Roads and Philips Island. But still.. the excitements that Firefox extensions gave me was way too much to be contained. I am here to share some of my favourite Firefox extensions, the little plug-ins that have made online experience such an enjoyable one.

Must-have: (These are essential tools I can hardly live without)
1. Adblock
2. Forecast Fox
3. IEView
4. MiniT (drag+indicator)
5. Mouse Gestures
6. Session Saver
7. Tabbrowser Preferences
8. Hotmail Tabs
9. FastDic

Highly Recommended: (Things that tremendously enhance my online experience)
1. BBCode
2. BugMeNot
3. Flashblock
4. FlashGot
5. FoxyTunes
6. Menu Editor
7. PRGoogleBar
8. StumbleUpon

Site-specific Tools: (I use them for easy access to functions of the sites I frequent)
2. Bloglines toolkit

Firefox Tweaks and Tools: (Make fine adjustments to Firefox and some handy tools to help out)
1. Bandwidth Tester
2. Keyconfig
3. Menu Editor
4. Mozilla Archive Format
5. Show Failed URL
6. Slim Extension List
7. Slogger
8. URL id
9. XHTML Ruby Support

Note: Those in bold fonts are loaded with my firefox by default, whereas the others are kept disabled and are only turned on whenever I need them.


Eric Fu said...

I am intrigued by the inclusion of "IE View" in the must-have column... I thought only a pro-Microsoft geek like me would do that. I am puzzled...

youngyew said...

No, no; wrong, wrong! IE View is the plugin for me to resolve the annoyance of having to view certain pages which are designed for IE only (blame it on bad web designers). It lets me open the page in IE in case Firefox can't render it properly.

If every single web developer were to adhere to the web standard, there wouldn't be a need of this plug in at all. :-P

Anyway, I would recommend MiniT to you, a plugin that I have just discovered today. It lets you arrange the tabs, and let you actually organize your webpages. Besides, try BBCode, it helps you in entering HTML Tags and BBCode tags with great ease! Good for people who have to post messages in blogs or forum.

day-dreamer said...

it's confirmed. you're paid to advertise Firefox, aren't you? admit it! ;-)

Alvin Ooi said...

Hmm.. Hahaha. Muahahaha. Hehehehehe!

Eric Fu said...

Wow! So Chang Yang is actually earning from supporting Firefox, day-dreamer?

youngyew said...

Haha... Yeah, I am paid by Bill Gates for promoting "microsoft firefox", a merger of with microsoft which is about to be revealed in a short time. Please logon to Microsoft Firefox site for more details.

Winson Kang said...

hey hey....yaya...i have to say that u are really a firefox the ur blog u said that the bold ones are preloaded in ur firefox rite???/how could that be??i tot u have to download it separately after u have downloaded the firefox.....hehe...since i am not a geek, i might b wrong...please feel free to correct me....hehe..thanks anyway for helping mee solve the adblock problem....