Sunday, April 24, 2005

Major Update Impending!

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, there lived an Internet geek in Melbourne. He arrived at Melbourne on 24th February, dog exhausted and Internet deprived. Trying to settle down in a new second home and make sense out of life, in a desperate hurry he promised to everyone that he will update his blog with pictures when he is not that busy. One day has passed, two days; one week, two weeks; one month, two months... he failed to live up to the promise.

Today is the beginning of his third month in Melbourne, signifying a life restarted anew. Yesterday night his friends had a barbeque to celebrate their two month anniversary, and summing it up the past two months, it had been one of the most fabulous time he has ever had in his life. Yes, the exam pressure has inevitably crept into his lives, with all the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry starting to make their way into his short-term and long-term memories; yes, the social relationship have come to play and there are already some complications. But yet, it's been a wonderful life.

Currently he has just finished his not-too-hard exam, and he now officially gets into the mood of uploading pictures since he is having a 3-day weekend. So, anticipate for more... in the coming days, he will post some highlights from 23rd February to 23rd April, a time he called a whale of a time...


Eric Fu said...

I am looking forward to updates! Also enjoy your weekends!

day-dreamer said...

i like the way u write the first paragraph. u can consider story-telling as part-time u know... ;-)