Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mum, I am going to see dead body!

How?? How??!

I don't know whether I am prepared enough to see a dead body lying on a desk, not to mention seeing my demonstrator cut it open piece by piece?

Saw the countdown clock ticking on the left?? 4 days. With all the illustrated learning of anatomy, I am supposed to be well-prepared for this kind of scenario; but then again, on the second thought, am I really prepared to see an unanimated body, holding back my brain against all those horror thoughts?

** shiver **

This is going to be quite hard for me. But I will try. At least one thing for sure, I won't faint.


day-dreamer said...

wah... want to tong si (Cantonese) ah? so fast??

it's real body or just a dummie? a real human body?? yikes...

i've watch the drama serial "Witness to A Prosecution I & II". according to Song Chi, stuff your nose with duuno-what and suck ginger, i think. wahahahaha!

i think i've made up my mind to not consider Medicine as my first choice of further studies.

sophisticatedsoul said...

Try to find this book called "Stiff" (not sure about the title). It's about human cadavers. And it mentions a skill called "objectification" of which medical students have to master before they finally dissect a body. And it also says that a rotten body looks much more disgusting than a dissected body. You can tell me how true is that after you finally get to see your lecturer cut the dead body.

Aditya said...

I came across ur blog entry and it brought back memories of my first few days at medical school.I'm a specialist [Radiologist] now working in India.All the best for u'r encounter with the cadaver.