Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Fishing Trip (2)

Note: Continued from Fishing Trip (1).

IMG_3492 (by changyang1230)

IMG_3479 (by changyang1230)
While some people were fishily lucky (XN got three fish in about five minutes), those with a bad break could just wait for more in jealousy. (BP actually caught some, this picture is just for illustrative purposes :P)

IMG_3534 (by changyang1230)
As you can see, Kheng Ying even tried invoking her talisman to attract fish :P

IMG_3599 (by changyang1230)
But Thow Kong, like many others, simply succumbed to boredom.

IMG_3481 (by changyang1230)
Regardless, everyone on the boat was treated to a sumptuous BBQ meal on board.

IMG_3596 (by changyang1230)
So we were happy. (Or rather, XN was happy. :P)

IMG_3551 (by changyang1230)
Maybe not so much happiness for Wee Loon. He got very sea-sick, poor thing.

IMG_3643 (by changyang1230)
After four hours, we came ashore...

IMG_3611 (by changyang1230)
To do some "rock climbing".

IMG_3623 (by changyang1230)
And cam-whoring.

[To be continued.]
[Mar 16: Continued and concluded here.]


Celest said...

WAHHH!!!!! XN with short hair!!!! hahahahaha :P

Eric Fu said...

How about this? I give you a crash course in some mathematics while you give me one in photography!

changyang1230 said...

Celest: Haha everyone is saying that!

Eric: Haha good deal eh! :) But your maths is now professor level; my photography is very amateur level. But that's good, it's advantageous to me. :P