Sunday, March 09, 2008


It's 3am now, I just came back from a whole day's driving and fishing. But I don't want to sleep.

I couldn't be part of the history; but I want to witness the history unfold.

By the way, this is what I saw in Mornington today when I went fishing (absolutely no photoshop):

Sammy Vellu sighted in Mornington, Australia
What a coincidence eh! Happy Birthday Samy Vellu. :D


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, he lost!!!!
But too bad that some of the big fat asses still won.

bluez_aspic said...

Haha Sami Vellu still P plate driving after all these years

Glad but Worried young man said...

just wondering.... may i know what do you think about the fact that your home town (which is also my home town) has fallen into PAS... i mean it is good in one hand, but on another hand, look at kelantan, i am sure you dont want kedah to be another kelantan right?

day-dreamer said...

Whoa really many people beh song him o!

N-C Bond said...

Hi, it seems like this post has the implicit meaning in it ya! 话中有话,hihi.

And Samy Vellu should feel glad that people do remember his birthday.

ShouFarn said...

Heh, his birthday. Its gonna run along the lines of this:

"Heyyy, Sami! Long time no see!

How are the things going ah? wife and kids still good?

Are you busy now ah? how is work? ahhh, wait, sorry, i mean.. nevermind lah! with that kind of stress, not working is better lah. At least you weren't fired.., err, what i mean is, ah, oh ya! Happy Birthday Man!

My god, thats why! Don't be so down lah!"

changyang1230 said...

anonymous: Yeah some racists and monkeys still won. :(

bluez: Shhh... later if he reads it he might come up with the idea of charging extra for P plate holders at the various toll points.

Oh wait. He can't anymore. :P

glad but worried man: I am not sure whether you are the same person with the anonymous in "A Victory" post. Do refer to my reply to him / her.

day-dreamer: Indeed.

Hai Xing: Haha where got implicit meaning? :P Very clearly I am cheering for his loss. :D

shoufarn: "Goodbye" (in the same way he said it when he left the counting centre upon his loss)