Monday, March 10, 2008

A Victory

BN snatched the simple majority, but they are not the victor - they lost five states and two thirds majority in the Parliament.

The victor is not even PKR, DAP, PAS, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Hadi Awang or Jeff Ooi.

The victor is my country and its people. The victor is us.

p/s: This is a very grossly simplified description of my (mixed) feeling. I am writing a longer (= more unsavoury) post regarding this election, but expect it to be very late due to the amount of my piled-up works. Blame it on my full-time procrastination.


Eric Fu said...

Short, yet succinctly worded.

Anonymous said...

you think kedah will be fine under PAS? they said they will use kelantan's model to rule kedah... ya right... what a victory for the chinese in kedah huh?... for the chinese in alor star... you might be happy that opposition party take away kedah from bn so that bn loses more, but if you are happy that kedah is taken over by pas, then you are in big trouble

Anonymous said...

To quote AlGore in 1998, this is the victory of 'the brave people in Malaysia'.

Teach them a lesson. After 5 years, if the rakyat are not satisfied, we replace them with a new government.

and Abdullah can be the opposition leader. (if he does remain as the President of UMNO after their election in Aug 2008).


Anonymous said...

The Kedahans have made up their mind that any party is better than BN. a conservative ruling coalition is still better than a corrupted and arrogant one.

and, btw, to the bunch of slaves in MCA and Gerakan- serve them right.

changyang1230 said...

Anonymous: PAS is a potential concern for the future, but BN's hegemony and the state of pseudo-democracy is an absolute current concern. The fact that people are able to vote PAS in today speaks volume of the increased democracy (to be honest we have to thank Pak Lah for that, regardless of other issues) and awareness of the voters. If voters can choose PAS today, they can also kick PAS out.

Anyway, I am not sure whether they did say they will use Kelantan's model when you typed that comment; but I am sure that after the election the current MP said he will NOT use the exact model of Kelantan and he does not intent to force Islamic rules on non-Muslim until they "understand and accept" the rules.