Friday, March 07, 2008

Safeway Chicken Discount

Safeway Chicken Discount (by changyang1230)
Safeway supermarket's large roasted chicken. Usually sold at price of 10 - 11 dollars, but after 10.45pm they sell it at half price. Cheap, nice, delicious. In Hokkien we call it "pang gi kot tua teh" (cheap but big) :) Arguably the best thing in Safeway.


wei liang said...

I once got three breads for RM5 at times square after 9.30 i think. Really cheap! If not the total would be more than 10 bucks. Haha. I guess they would rather do "δΊζœ¬η”Ÿζ„" than didn't earn any money at all.

Alvin Ooi said...

oh yesh indeed. i always finish the whole bird by myself. i alwyas get it for like 3 or 4 bucks. yum

N-C Bond said...

Pang gi kot tua teh... lol


changyang1230 said...

wei liang: Yea.. But I guess the half price would still make some profit for them.

alvin: The whole bird?!

Hai Xing: :D