Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two-Thirds Majority

To those who think I am going to write "yet another" grandmother-tale political commentary, please be glad that this is not about politics.

I am talking about my research project.

I started my research project back in late August last year, and it's been going on non-stop since except for my one-month holidays in Malaysia in January and February. For my research, I have to get 70 patients in order to obtain statistically significant result. Or in other words, 70 patients are required so that my finding is going to "hold more water" from the rigorous scientific point of view.

And after 5.5 months of recruitment, I have only got 48 patients, which is barely over two-thirds of what I need. And I have only about 1.5 month left for my recruitment, after which I must concentrate on data analysis and report writing.

I am also the only person in my batch (I think) who has to go in the hospital at 7 every morning (in order to "catch" the first patients having operation), but I am not going to finish my project.

Arrghh. Such is life.


day-dreamer said...


bluez said...

Yeah, research sucks when it's boring and insignificant.

Anonymous said...
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N-C Bond said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I truly understand that. I was doing a survey online recently and the sample size wasn't large enough. We ended up photocopying out the hardcopies and distributing them on the street with couple of pens in hands.Although compared to yours, mine is more of a short term one. Hope you are not too stressed about the project. I am sure everything is gonna be well. Hang in there.


changyang1230 said...

Thanks for the encouragement!