Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Few Night Shots

I was bored and didn't feel like doing anything productive tonight.

So I decided to take some pictures of the surrounding of my house.

Our suburb is teeming with high rise buildings. Those buildings house lots of refugees, and students like us.

You have houses with drastically different architecture abutting each other.

You also have houses with different colours and lighting.

I felt a little bit unnerved as I took pictures alone in the eerie silence of the night with some occasional cars zooming past. I quickly scuffled home as I saw some suspicious teenagers walking past nearby. I probably will take more night shots on some other days.

Technical Note: Photos taken in RAW and post-processed on Photoshop.


Jie Ni said...

getting better... hehe! like them very much!

changyang1230 said...

Thanks! :)