Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Trip in Mornington Peninsula (1)

IMG_4176.jpg (by changyang1230)
One day, a group of people called Fotoholics decided to organise a "photography camp".

IMG_4172.jpg (by changyang1230)
The trip blasted off with a visit in an animal farm,

IMG_4240.jpg (by changyang1230)
where we saw animals like ostriches,

IMG_4250.JPG (by changyang1230)

IMG_4242.jpg (by changyang1230)

IMG_4269.jpg (by changyang1230)
and goat. (Yes, this particular one had its head stuck between the fence's netting.)

IMG_4197.jpg (by changyang1230)
As you would expect from a photography trip, lots of people were seen busy taking pictures;

IMG_4205.jpg (by changyang1230)
but you could also see some others having fun by playing with animals they don't really know how to handle;

IMG_4284a.jpg (by changyang1230)
and kids having simply a whale of a time.

IMG_4295.jpg (by changyang1230)
After spending a couple of hours in the animal farm, we set off to...

As always, you can spoil the story for yourself at my flickr photo album: Fotoholics Mornington Camp Mar 08.

[to be continued...]
[Apr 7: Continued here]


Anonymous said...

As always, your pictures never fail to amaze!


Jyue Loh said...
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Eric Fu said...

An amazing trip with amazing pictures!!!

day-dreamer said...

Wah, Malaysia doesn't seem to have such places hor?


changyang1230 said...

WK: Thanks!

jyue: Haha yeah the places look quite cool... but it's what most Australian tourist attractions look like, nature, nature and nature. :D

eric: Thanks!

day-dreamer: Got ar, taman negara lo. :D