Monday, April 07, 2008

A Trip in Mornington Peninsula (2)

Note: This post is continued from here.

IMG_4377.jpg (by changyang1230)
Fruit farm.

They have a special type of fruit called quince. It tastes rather like a cross of a pear and an apple, said Xuan Ni. It is only edible when cooked.

IMG_4359.jpg (by changyang1230)
After having done picking some fruits and taking pics of alpacas (they are from the same genus as llamas),

IMG_4414.jpg (by changyang1230)
the big group set off again

to the lighthouse,

IMG_4514a (by changyang1230)
and then to the beach.

IMG_4515a (by changyang1230)
As the waves lapped against the shore,

IMG_4503a (by changyang1230)
some anglers waited for the fish (I don't know how fishing at the beach works, anyone?),

IMG_4522a (by changyang1230)
while fotoholics continued to do what they like to do most,

IMG_4533a (by changyang1230)
till the last ray of the sun receded from the horizon.

Credit: Pic 2 & 5 by Su Min
[to be continued...]
[Apr 9: Continued here]


day-dreamer said...

I love the beach pictures. I really really like them. :)

WP said...

Hmm...cross between a pear an an apple? That's what my French friends said when I let them try Chinese pears... (the "ya pear" in supermarkets) Which one is this more like?

Alvin Ooi said...

nice couple shot!:D

changyang1230 said...

day-dreamer: Thanks! I am still learning to take better landscape pictures, so will definitely try to improve in the future!

wp: Haha yeah, it's more like pear actually. A hard version. :P

alvin: Thanks. :P