Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Of Windy Day and Fallen Tree Branches

Fallen Branch (by floyduk)It's a windy day. As I braved through the wind, I could see some fallen tree branches on the ground all over the university campus. Those are HUGE branches, there was even one tree that was completely uprooted.

They decided to cordon off the area where the fallen branches are.

The funny thing is, fallen tree branches are not dangerous anymore, as there's no longer any branch above the cordoned area, and nobody is going to "accidentally" trip over the huge branches on the floor. So why do they cordon off the area? Shouldn't they cordon off the other trees instead, in case the other branches fall down?

Weird logic baffles me.


Alvin Ooi said...

i'm sure they have their reasons :P

it's dangerous world out there. people die already. careful bro

changyang1230 said...

Yeah a 57-year-old lady died in the rubbles of a collapsed wall. The wind was 100km/h. Scary. I was in the hospital when the wind peaked, so I didn't feel a thing at all.