Friday, April 11, 2008

A Trip in Mornington Peninsula (4)

Note: This post is continued from here.

IMG_4851 (by changyang1230tream)
Our last stop was a maze. It seems to me that mazes are the most common tourist attractions in Australia. I have been to at least three different mazes here.

IMG_4812 (by changyang1230tream)
In this maze, we were given some questions about dinosaurs,

IMG_4784 (by changyang1230tream)
and we needed to go all around the maze to find the answers.

IMG_4811 (by Chang Yang)
Throughout the area, there are also weird sculptures made of scrap metals,

IMG_4824 (by changyang1230tream)
and the conventional statues like this,

IMG_4849 (by changyang1230tream)
and this.

IMG_4837 (by Chang Yang)
The lushes of greeneries in there

IMG_4834 (by Chang Yang)
made for

The Fan (by changyang1230tream)
great photo opportunities.

IMG_4857 (by changyang1230tream)
That concluded our trip. On our way back, we came across this perfect lookout spot where the vast expanse of Mornington Peninsula spread before our eyes. So we made a brief stop.

Fotoholics Committee (by changyang1230tream)
There you have it, an amazing trip brought about by the Fotoholics Committee. It was a shame I didn't help out much apart from driving the car, but oh well. :D I definitely look forward to the next one!



SilverIsle said...

Wide lens! I want! =P

day-dreamer said...

OMG! So nice, the mazes. Awesome!

changyang1230 said...

silverisle: Sharp eyes!!! How did you know it's wide lens? It's not mine by the way, that was taken by someone else.

day-dreamer: Yeah mazes look great, but it's very frustrating when you are in there. :P

Alvin Ooi said...

i like the grp pic in the middle. looks slightly distorted. was tht fish eye lens u used?

Lee Young, 李阳 said...

hi there!
just saw your comment on my wordpress blog(perspektive)
before that, I apologize for not getting your permission before taking your post.
Anyway i found your blog through your comment on Education of Malaysia
I'm Lee Young from Catholic High School, PJ (currently form 5)
Nice to meet you!

changyang1230 said...

Alvin: Yup it's a wide-angle lens (fish eye lens is actually a specific sub-category of wide-angle lens, and with that lens you can actually see black oval borders at the edge of every photo which are absent here).

Lee Young: Nah it's okay, just use my post as long it's with the right context. :) Nice to meet you too!