Thursday, April 24, 2008


If you haven't started using PicLens, you probably should:

It brings so much fun and novelty to viewing images online. Works on flickr (my photo album is there), google image search, facebook, picasa, friendster etc. Now it also lets you view youtube videos, although for some reasons it is not yet working on my computer.

Available for Firefox, Safari, and, eeer... yea, Internet Explorer.


Eric Fu said...

Oh, I adore this brilliant plug in! It makes my Mac experience even more "Mac!"

changyang1230 said...

Also makes my Windows more experience more Mac. :P

Arthur said...

the youtube thing only works if u launch it, n search for youtube videos within piclens.. it says it "supports 3D YouTube video search". so, i suppose it doesnt work if u go to the youtube site and hover yr mse arnd the thumbnails.

changyang1230 said...

Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately it's not the problem I am facing. I do know that it only works from within the interface; but my problem is that the search won't run. Even those flickr, google image search from the interface are not working for me. Arghs.