Thursday, April 10, 2008

You Are Now Friends With...

I have always thought that Facebook uses the weirdest language I have ever seen:

Wee Loon Ong and Yee Pin Tan are now friends.
John Doe is now in a relationship.
You have 10 friends.
It's as if Wee Loon and Yee Pin were not friends before they added each other in Facebook; or they need Facebook's cap mohor to be friends. Facebook also seems to find a need to declare "you are now in a relationship", the same way as a pastor saying "you may now kiss your bride". It doesn't help when Facebook occasionally also announces "John Kay and Cecilia Aniston ended their relationship".

Today, Multiply (another social website) totally trumped Facebook by taking the language to an entirely different level:
Chang Ching Yew has invited you to be his brother.
This is getting more and more ridiculous, one day everyone will be doing this:

Facebook defines relationships. 'Yeah, we would have broken up last night, but the net connection was down.'
Have you had grouses or funny experience with quirks in social websites?

p/s: By the way, my mum hasn't accepted my invitation in Multiply.


Eric Fu said...

Mate, it's actually "cop mohor." Cap means a brand.

Eric Fu said...

By the way, I did not quite notice the weird sentence formulation on Facebook until you pointed it out.

Anonymous said...

Your malay leaves much to be desired. :P


day-dreamer said...


I suppose it means Wee Loon Ong and Yee Pin Tan are now friends on Facebook.

Alvin Ooi said...

I guess its quite funny if you take them literally.

But I like how facebook announces friend's relationship status on your feed. Keeps you updated at all times :D

Anonymous said...

heh facebook facilitates the transmission of gossip lol

Alvin Ooi said...


changyang1230 said...

Eric: Oops!

Winson: >.<

day-dreamer: Yeah,, that's my point! :D

alvin: I got quite used to the Facebook and friendster way of saying "you are now friends with XX". But the multiply one i just got is simply too much. :D

anonymous: Yeah, some people call it stalkbook or creepbook. :P

sophisticatedsoul said...

Just noticed today that Facebook has changed "Friend Request" to "Friend Suggestion". Sounds better, doesn't it? :D