Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Trip in Mornington Peninsula (3)

Note: This post is continued from here.

IMG_4715 (by changyang1230tream)
In the morning on the second day, we visited a vineyard. The weather was gloomy, and it started showering soon after.

IMG_4657 (by changyang1230tream)
Xuan Ni was not too pleased with the weather. And neither was she impressed by the few bunches of small, dry grapes in the vineyard. It was a huge disappointment for her as she had always wanted to see grapes in a vineyard.

IMG_4659 (by changyang1230tream)
There was a little consolation when we accidentally found one bunch of better-looking grapes. Only one though.

IMG_4690 (by changyang1230tream)
Due to the weather, one of the most exciting part of our itinerary, the dolphin cruise was cancelled. So we had to spend a few hours in the vineyard. Sadly enough, the weather didn't seem to ease as the time passed.

IMG_4669 (by changyang1230tream)
Feeling bored, we took pictures again.

IMG_4711 (by changyang1230tream)
And again.

IMG_4701 (by changyang1230tream)
And again.

IMG_4734 (by changyang1230tream)
After the vineyard, we went to a strawberry farm where we had the chance to pick our own strawberries.

IMG_4738 (by changyang1230tream)
As you would expect, there are succulent, flaming red strawberries in the farm;

IMG_4717 (by changyang1230tream)
but to our surprise, we found BUNCHES of grapes there as well! Needless to say, Xuan Ni was happy.

IMG_4750 (by changyang1230tream)
And to cap off the excitement, this is the ultimate ambrosia - an icecream called "strawberry temptation". Taste superb. Steep price too. :(

[to be continued...]


Ka Lip said...

Is it just me...or does the 'grape plant' where the BUNCHES were found look more like a tree than a creeper/vine?

I've always thought that grape 'trees' didn't grow very tall and needed support 'beams'.

changyang1230 said...

NO ah, the grapes in that picture do grow on beams. Not too sure about the height though. I think there isn't really much biological limit to how tall they can grow, and I guess the uniform human height we see in vineyard is more due to the convenience for them to reap the fruits... Just a guess.