Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Run For The Kids 2008

Last year I ran for the kids in 1:50:07. This year I ran a bit faster, but due to my mixed-up timekeeping, I don't really know the exact time. Will have to wait for the official result later.

You probably do not remember what happened the same time last year. But this year I took a video during the run to give you a better picture. Have a look! :)

[3 Apr: Follow Up]


sophisticatedsoul said...

Is that video meant as an April Fool's joke?

Alas, I was fooled into clicking it. :(

bluez said...

Where's the machete when I need it?!

changyang1230 said...

As I said, you may not remember what happened last year. :P


wei liang said...

Grr! I was duped. Yeah, I remembered the race but ah...Never mind. Wait until next year.*Evil grin*

changyang1230 said...

You remembered the race, but do you remember the other post on the first of April? :D

wei liang said...

Not until I was reminded..=P