Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ridiculous Indeed

I was chatting with a friend about history (called Sejarah in Malay language) in Malaysia a while ago. As we shared our thoughts, I am reminded of something that happened to me in Form one.

Form One was the first year I came to learn Sejarah "academically". I remember that for almost the whole year, the only thing we learned was the history of the Malacca Sultanate. Founded by Parameswara, a prince from Palembang, Malacca thrived as an entrepĂ´t where traders along the East-West route converged for trading.

Our teacher was a great narrator. She always had a great way of making Sejarah interesting for us. At the same time, however, she had the tendency to aggrandize the greatness of the Sultanate, to the extent of describing Malacca as the world capital and the leaders as flawless statesmen. She also has this ludicrous way of punishing us - she got us to run around the school as the punishment for not doing her homeworks.

So there was one day that she said something ridiculous. I can't remember exactly what she said, but I think it was something like, if the Portuguese had not used some unfair magical tactic to distract the Malacca troops, the troop would have been able to fend off even ten Portuguese marine troops. Or China during 15th century would have had to bow to Malacca's greatness. Something like that.

As recalcitrance got the better of me, I yelled out indignantly,


The teacher's jaw dropped. She hurled the chalk towards the blackboard, then sat down livid with anger. Go figure the rest of the drama with your imagination. Or ask Eric.

That would go down the history as the most ridiculous thing I have done in my life.


day-dreamer said...

LOL! I like that.

I remember a similar incident in Form 1, during BM lesson. Apparently the teacher wanted us to memorize a chapter of the Sastera novel and then fill in the blanks (at that time the format for the literature part of the PMR paper wasn't fixed yet) using the exact same words; words of the same meaning will result in a wrong.

Thinking that this doesn't make sense at all (I seriously don't think that the MoE would come up with such a question, asking us to memorize and answer using words from the original text), me and two other friends shot back at the teacher. I remembered using the words "impossible" and "tak mungkin".

Boy, wasn't the (fat) teacher furious! She lifted her chair and slammed in on the floor. She even cried. After her period was over, friends from the next class came over to ask whether she fell and broke the chair or something. LOL.

Then the three of us got called by our form teacher to the staffroom and was given a lecture individually. I wonder if it was due to this incident that my kelakuan got a B that year. Haha.

*goes off to find Eric for the rest of your story*

bluez said...

Shoblast and I once had a di-fang-yan-jiu teacher who suggested that the Malaccans should have blasted belacan to repel the invading Portugese lol

Jiayi, Kintaro and I (together with a few others) were assigned this Pendidikan Moral Project in Form 1 where we had to draw a comic about Maharaja Lela (some Perak rebel) - and come up with a list of nilai-nilai murni re: Lela. However, we came up with another list detailing the nilai-nilai murni of the British colonizers - which abolished slavery, education, established social institutions etc. We got penalized a mark for that (4/5).

Alvin Ooi said...

well said

Voon Seng said...

I'll ask Eric too.

hhhcce said...

Wow, that is so rude, unkind but it is so true. Muka tembok. :)

Anonymous said...

Puan Hasnah bt Ismail.....


Anonymous said...

btw, do u remember who taught us sejarah in 3A1?
cant seem to remember...


jasmine said...

daydreamer how come i don't remember her crying? i do remember her asking us to memorize the text though how stupid hahaha.

and chang yang, bravo bravo!!! =P

changyang1230 said...

day-dreamer & jasmine: Haha how come she got so easily offended by your saying "tak mungkin"? It was indeed quite ridiculous wat.

bluez: Wow you did that in Form 1?! That was quite an achievement! I wasn't sure I was able to think of the colonizer's nilai murni independently in Form 1. Great job! Very well worth the deducted one mark. :P

Alvin: :D

Voon Seng: Eric told me he can't remember much about it either. Heh.

hhhcce: Hahaha rude it was!

YP: Shhh, later she comes Google her name and find it here, and then get me to run around zhong guo ting again! I can't remember our Form 3 Sejarah teacher though. In fact I can't remember any Sejarah teacher other than this particular one. :P

johnleemk said...

Haha, I liked this so much I posted it on Facebook. It reminded me of my Form 3 project for the PMR sejarah paper. I did mine about Dato Onn Jaafar and how awesome he was for founding UMNO, and how mistaken he was to later promote non-racialism. Then for the essay that had to go with the project I wrote about what I'd do if I were Prime Minister - I only remember saying I'd ban foreign TV shows. I might have said something about promoting our military might.

All I know is, I didn't do very well on the multiple choice paper, especially since I didn't study for the PMR at all, but I got an A. The only reason I can think of is that fascism = A+. :D

Celest said...

Hahah!!! didnt expect that from a "kuai kia" changyang :P

WP said... berani! :P

I believe the only time I had a fallout with a teacher was in Form 4...when I corrected an error in a Maths exercise book. (I was right and the book was wrong, but the teacher preferred to believe the book :/ ) Surprisingly it wasn't my teacher who got mad at me (luckily!) was another teacher to whom she spoke to about it. He even called me to see him about it, and gave me a telling-off for not believing my teachers. -_-'

day-dreamer said...

Jasmine, she cried! She even ran to Puan Mah to complain about the three of us that's why we kena her lecture! LOL.

CY I think it's because I keep stressing on the word "tak mungkin" and you know teachers, they can't accept that students know more than them, talk more sense than them, or anything that relates to being more superior than them. Haha.

But now in varsity such interesting cases seldom occur as lecturers tend to be more opened to criticism. It's good, IMHO.

kyh said...

I was guessing it's Hasnah too! She taught me too while in Form 1. :P

That's surely muka tembok! Oh my... No wonder history nowadays is twisted in a way to fit the satisfaction of the interpretors.

What is Malacca compared to China by then? Muahahahaa! Mind you, even Malacca needs China as a strong backbone. Else Siam could easily invade the sultanate and there, saves the Portuguese from wasting times in invading the sultanate.

changyang1230 said...

Johnleemk: Hah! Can't help to imagine how those viewpoints would be lambasted upon if they appear in your blog today. :P

celest: I kuaikia one meh? :P Actually I was quite naughty in Form one. This was just the "tip of the iceberg". I was even visited once by my "penyelia petang" in my class to be offered a "kind advice". How many kuaikia had had that honour before? :D

wp & day-dreamer: Berani kerana benar? Hahaha! From the comments here, it indeed appears that many of our teachers aren't too open to correction and criticism eh?

kyh: Haha so did you have any good / interesting experience with her? Anyway the China thing was just an example of ridiculousness, can't remember exactly what she said.

Anonymous said...

how can u forget the form two sejarah teacher Puan Lim who spent 20 seconds pronouncing the 's' in every word?

1786, Francissssssssssssssss Light mengambil alih Pulau Pinang.....
imagine her talking to her fren:

'Cissssssss, Missssssss Anissssss, pissssssang ini manissssssssss sungguh....'

my sympathy.

and form 3 sejarah teacher was Wan Akil who looked like a typical UMNO member.

btw, remember Zurida who used to show off her English all the time? I still cannot forget the question she asked Winson in front of Dewan-

'Winson winson, does Sultanah comeeeeeeee (show that she knows tiada 's' selepas 'does'...).

and until today, I still think that it was rather rude to ask this question......


changyang1230 said...

YP, finally a comment from you that's actually funny. :P :P